Support local

Support local charities and businesses

You can spend your BetterPoints at local businesses.

As well as our national shopping vouchers we have:

‚Äćūüć¶ Get a ¬£3 ice cream for 2,000 BetterPoints at Dylan's Ice Cream in Bordon (or at their parlour in Haslemere).

‚ėēÔłŹ Get a hot drink at Cafe 1759 or Cafe Hogmoor.

‚Äćūüõć We've also got ¬£2, ¬£5 and ¬£10 vouchers for Cycle Sphere.

Tap Redeem in the app to browse our full range of vouchers and get in touch if you would like to partner with the campaign to offer prizes, discounts or vouchers for your business in the area.

How your BetterPoints can support good causes and local charities:

During these uncertain and challenging times, donations from BetterPoints users are hugely important for charities. 

As a participant of the A to B challenge, you can now donate your BetterPoints that you win or earn to many local and national charities.

How can you donate your BetterPoints?

  1. Record your activities in your BetterPoints app.
  2. Collect your BetterPoints that you win or earn.
  3. Select¬†‚Äėdonate‚Äô¬†and choose the cause you would like to contribute towards, and the amount of BetterPoints.

What local causes are listed on the BetterPoints app?

We are contacting lots of local charities and so far you can donate your BetterPoints to the following local good causes:

Woolmer Forest Timebank

Home-Start Hampshire 

Whitehill and Bordon Community Trust

Deadwater Valley Trust

Sophie and Chloe's Special Ears Fund

Whitehill and Bordon Living Streets Group

We hope to bring you many more charities over the course of the challenge.

Can I nominate other local charities?

Yes, please do! To support local charities which aren't currently listed on the app, let us know and we will aim to set them up. To get in touch, select the hamburger menu in the top left-hand corner of the app, select 'Help' from the list of options, then the speech bubble in the top right-hand corner, where you can write us a message.

New to BetterPoints? 

Then why not download the app to start earning BetterPoints that you can spend or donate today!


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