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Local Employers

Energise your employees with 'A to B Actively' rewards

Why not try something a little different to motivate and challenge your staff.

Hampshire County Council have partnered with BetterPoints to run this fantastic challenge.

'A to B Actively' is a rewards challenge for encouraging users to get active and choose sustainable travel around Whitehill & Bordon.  

Throughout the challenge users can earn and win BetterPoints that they can spend locally (in the form of retail vouchers and discounts) or donate to local or national charities. It’s a fun and engaging way to support your employees with their physical health, and mental wellbeing.

Why should my workplace take part?

By promoting good health amongst staff, your organisation can also see benefits including:

  • reduced sickness absence
  • increased productivity
  • higher morale
  • improved company profile
  • reduce the pressure on your car park and business travel costs by encouraging active commuting

Is my workplace eligible?

If your employees live in the area they will be able to join the rewards challenge.

If they live outside this area, they can still join the challenge using a referral code. Please write to customercare@betterpoints.uk to request one.

How can I promote the challenge in my workplace?

During the challenge your employees can earn rewards by using the BetterPoints app, and participate in fun challenges along the way.

Help spread the word and tell your employees all about it. Taking part will be great for their physical and mental wellbeing.

We have tools to help you spread the word, please get in touch by email.

Do your bit to tackle climate change in Whitehill & Bordon

Mobile phone with betterpoints app.