A to B Star of Month

A to B Star of Month

Congratulations Louise M from Whitehill for being the latest A to B Star of the month.

Since joining the challenge Louise has gone from being a regular car user to active traveller 5 days a week. She has redeemed some of her points for a Starbucks voucher and is enjoying being part of the A to B Actively challenge.

Here is what she said about the app and the effect on her travel habits:

"Before I used the BetterPoints app I didn’t make any conscious effort to switch car journeys for walking or cycling, as a working parent I just felt that jumping in my car was the most convenient and beneficial way to get around.

I used my car almost every day for getting my children to nursery or school, going to work, popping to shops and going out with friends or family. A friend told me about the challenge and immediately I was intrigued and felt it would be a good way to get some exercise or fresh air, plus the vouchers were a great incentive!

The app is really useful for tracking how much activity I’m doing, and the two times I contacted customer services I got a helpful and swift response which I was impressed with.

Since using the app I always walk to my daughter's school and am hopefully passing on a good habit to her, I encourage the children to walk more at the weekend and we have all got pre-loved bikes to use as an alternative to walking if we want to go out a bit further. I use my car much less, and have made the switch to electric.

Benefits have been that I feel more energised and positive, I have tracked my ‘health points’ via the world health organisation too and seen a big improvement which in turn has led to improved sleep and mood. Equally I feel like as a family we talk a lot more when we’re out walking and that really is a special benefit I wouldn’t have expected." - Louise M from Whitehill

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When you've been using the app for a while tell us your story of how you have changed how you get around to be in with a chance of winning.

Each month a winner will be picked and contacted to supply a photo to feature in an article to help inspire others.

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