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28 July 2021

Earn great rewards with BetterPoints

We are delighted to announce that the 'A to B Actively' rewards challenge in Whitehill & Bordon in partnership with Hampshire County Council has launched!

Councillor Russell Oppenheimer, Hampshire County Council’s Executive Member for Highways Operations, said,

“This is a new approach to encouraging behaviour change and we are hoping at least 1,000 Whitehill & Bordon residents will download the app, engage in the challenge and enjoy the benefits and rewards from choosing sustainable travel. BetterPoints offers rewards for a number of active means of travel, including scooting, running and wheelchair users, so can be used by most people in Whitehill and Bordon, with great benefits in terms of health – both physical and mental, reducing traffic and, in turn, carbon emissions.”

How do I take part?

Click below to download the BetterPoints app.


Watch a short video here to get you started or follow these instructions:

1. Download the BetterPoints app from the App Store or the Google Play Store
2. Tap “Join Now” in the app, and fill out the form to register*
3. Select A to B Actively from the list of available challenges and click "join" 
4. Complete your sign up survey to unlock your rewards
5. Track your activity via Automatic (always on) or Manual Tracking by using the play ▶ button in the top right corner of the app (when you want to track a specific activity).

Start earning BetterPoints and BetterTickets.

What rewards can you earn?

Start by taking your sign up survey to earn 250 BetterPoints, then earn some great rewards for getting active and travelling sustainably. Unlock a new level of rewards by referring a friend to the challenge.

See what rewards you can earn here

How can we help you to stay motivated?

With BetterPoints you can see your points accumulate on the app for your efforts and how active you have been each week, we will also share news of what is going on in your area to help you to get active. 

From time to time we will ask you questions about your activity habits, please answer these promptly and honestly so we can put you in the appropriate reward level. This will also help us evaluate the impact of the challenge when it ends. 

So get out there and start earning rewards for your activities!

Want to know more about the BetterPoints app and how it works?  Visit our FAQ's page.

Terms and Conditions

Rewards are available for residents of the Whitehill and Bordon area. If you live out of the area but work in Whitehill and Bordon please get in touch with us via the 'Help' section of the app and we can invite you to the challenge. 

*To earn rewards you will need to grant permission to track your activities using the BetterPoints app in your phone settings when you register.