A to B Star Robyn

08 November 2022

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Congratulations Robyn from Whitehill for being the A to B Star of the month for October.

Robyn joined the A to B Actively challenge in September 2021. She said that using the BetterPoints app has improved her mental well-being and confidence:

"I am disabled so I need to use a mobility scooter to get about, since 'wheeling' has been added as an activity type into the challenge I now use my scooter a lot more than my car.

Getting out more often on my mobility scooter has opened up my world, it's really helped my mental health, I can now go places I couldn't in my car. I am now meeting and chatting to more people locally when I see them on the street. I also save around £40 per month in fuel costs, with less car journeys which is great." - Robyn

Good to hear that the app has encouraged Robyn to explore her local area more and open up a whole new world, whilst saving money by using her car less.

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