A to B Star Andrea

06 May 2022

Congratulations to Andrea U. who lives in Whitehill. She joined the A to B Actively challenge in August last year, and before she took part she was physically active twice a week. She is our A to B Star for April.

Since downloading the app it's helped her to be active daily. Here is what she said:

"I first heard about BetterPoints when I was out for a scoot and met a friend who told me about it. I thought it sounded interesting so found the app, signed up and started earning tickets then points. I asked the BetterPoints support if it was possible to add a manual scooter icon to the menu so that I could select that rather than bike, and very soon there it was on the menu screen!

How did participating in the A to B Actively challenge help encourage her?

All of this encouraged me to get out more, I enjoyed seeing the points I earned each outing and seeing my points build up. Recently, there was a chance of earning more points for finding the large Totems on the Green Loop, this encouraged me to travel that little bit further each time I went on my walks or scoots so I could get those 10 extra points.

Recently I decided to buy a new bike as mine was very old and corroded, so I redeemed some points for Argos vouchers and bought a gorgeous Mountain Bike. I then went to the local business Cycle Sphere and bought some accessories, redeeming more points and using a voucher to help pay for them. What a great way to use the points earned for getting fitter and healthier! Not only was a voucher used in a local business but all my points earned went towards helping me get even more enjoyment in our local area whilst continuing my fitness journey!

I have so many adventures lined up with my new bike, exploring from my front door and going further than I can with my scooter. I still enjoy scooting up the relief road cycle path but my bike is my passion at the moment." - Andrea U.

That's fantastic news Andrea, keep up the great work and thank you for sharing your story with the BetterPoints community.

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