A to B Actively Star Callum

01 July 2022

Congratulations to June winner Callum who lives in Bordon!

Callum joined the A to B Actively challenge in November last year. Before he took part he was physically active once a week. Since taking part in this challenge he is now active five days a week and loving a more active lifestyle.

We asked him how using the BetterPoints app has helped him to change his activity habits?

"Before joining the challenge I would always spend my evenings at home in front of the TV, now I go out for a walk in nature most evenings with my mum, and we go and enjoy the beautiful nature around us.

The app has helped to me lose half a stone by regular cycling and walking. My mental health is improved by reducing stress, lifting my mood and I'm sleeping better. The added bonus is the points earning in the challenge encourages me to spend much more time with my Mum, and it's so lovely to go out walking together." - Callum B.

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Each month a winner will be picked and contacted to supply a photo and feature in an article to help inspire others.

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